The 2017 Pacific Coast Fog Fest Was a Huge Success!!

October 01, 2017

The 2017 Pacific Coast Fog Fest Was a Huge Success!!

The blog post title says it all, folks!! The 2017 Pacific Coast Fog Fest was a huge success!! 

I can't thank everyone enough that came out to see us, taste our jams and offer their very supportive commentary. I would especially like to thank our guests that came out having heard about our support of both the Pacifica Education Foundation and the Terra Nova High School Band Boosters.

Although I had originally committed to splitting a 10% donation between the two, the huge outpouring of support has made me decide to double my original commitment and will now be donating 20% of sales to split evenly between the two. I look forward to continuing to support these two organizations with future art and craft show exhibits regardless of their location in the Bay Area.

Having recently been on a trip to Brazil and visited a traditional steak house, I had decided to create a craft fair exclusive flavor to be made available only at the Fog Fest; Pineapple Cinnamon Jam. Among my top sellers, this flavor combination was loved by all who tried it and the jars flew! Needless to say, this flavor combination has made its way into the staple flavors that I will continue to offer through our website, Etsy web store and future arts and craft shows.

I love taking flavor requests and playing around with new fruit. The show gave us plenty of inspiration from a number of requests that will be forthcoming. At the top of the list was fig jam, which I already have in the works. The second most flavor request was bacon jam, however, I don't think I will be attempting anything with meat just yet since I don't want to mess with the additional health department requirements to prove that all meat products are properly cured and/or cooked. These top two were followed up by requests for huckleberry, olallieberry and even rhubarb. I'm sure some of these will pop up provided I can find a source for the fruit. I know that I can find a few u-pick farms down the coast near Monterrey that offer olallieberries, but I will have to hunt a bit harder for the huckleberry. Whether we have the chance to meet in person at a craft fair or not, feel free to let me know of any fruit or pairings that you'd be interested in seeing.

Here are a few of the images that we took of the booth before we opened our doors:

Thanks again to everyone that came out to the Fog Fest!! I look forward to seeing all of you again at the Danville FallFest on Oct 21st and 22nd and meeting new friends.