Spiced Apple Date Jam

Small Batch Jam Co

Although Autumn may still be a few months away, this fall favorite is in season all year round!!

Our delicious spiced apple date jam is a rustic jam with large chunks of apple and a pronounced date flavor that compliments the spiced apple with caramel notes that balance out the cinnamon and cloves of the spices. We start with only fresh Gala apples that were hand selected and cleaned along with pitting Medjool dates before they are pureed. Our recipe uses only fresh apples, date paste, pure cane sugar, cinnamon, cloves and a generous splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice for a little zing to the flavor in this magical combination.

For these images, we placed a few dollops of the jam on top of some cheese and crackers for a salty-sweet combination. The fruit chunks provide great texture and taste with the caramel flavor of the dates adding terrific contrast. Please note that this is a rustic jam that is well set and may not lend itself to spread well if not heated or diluted with water.

Although our recipe calls for longer cooking times since this is a pectin free recipe, we think you'll agree that the time was well spent with each delicious spoonful in this 12 oz jar. Enjoy!!

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