Strawberry Champagne Jam

Small Batch Jam Co

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to many strawberry farmers who start to peddle their delicious fresh picked berries come early May at all the local farmers markets and corners of main intersections and keep coming until Winter. This dazzling flavor combination came by way of a request at one of my local craft fairs from a huge fan of this pairing from her days of living in England. After just a single test batch, I knew that this would be a keeper!!

Our delicious strawberry jam pays homage to the all-time favorite pairing for peanut butter using only fresh picked strawberries that were hand selected and cleaned. Our recipe uses only fresh strawberries, extra dry champagne, pure cane sugar and a generous splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice for a little zing to the flavor in this magical combination.

Although our recipe calls for longer cooking times since this is a pectin free recipe, we think you'll agree that the time was well spent with each delicious spoonful in this 12 oz jar.

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