Jam Of The Month Club

For 2018, the Small Batch Jam Co is proud to bring you the Jam of the Month Club subscription service in a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month option. Stay tuned on this page for the announcement of future flavor pairings to ship in the coming months!!

For our local Pacifica customers, please email me with your subscription interest so I can pass along our local customer pickup rate.


October 2018 Pairings

Black Splendor Plum Jam & Riesling Ginger Pear Jam

For the month of October, we glimpse back at Summer for just another moment before we dive into Fall and look forward to Winter in Northern California. From the Fresno valley, we are pleased to call the folks at CMC Farms a friend in the business before calling them a supplier. This year gave a strong run of Black Splendor plums that are an early June variety you would be hard pressed to find anywhere other than a farmers market. The lot was perfectly ripened when we took delivery and it is just the right amount of sweet and tart that you'd want from a plum when you bite into it. In the same lot from the Van Loben Sels Farm as the pear butter featured last month, we are pleased to offer our riesling ginger pear jam made from the same delicious Bartlett pears grown in Walnut Grove, CA. The balance between the riesling wine, ginger and pear have made this flavor a craft fair favorite since it came out with much praise by all. We are hopeful that you'll enjoy these two flavors as well. Enjoy!!


September 2018 Pairings

Spiced Pear Butter & Honey Orange Fig Jam

For the month of September, we are happy to offer two new Fall-inspired favorites: our Spiced Pear Butter & Honey Orange Fig Jam. With Bartlett pears finishing up their harvest just last month in the Sacramento Delta area, we were very fortunate to find the Van Loben Sels Farm with some of the most delicious and farm fresh pears we have had the pleasure of working with. Straying away from the traditional cinnamon and nutmeg seasoning typical of apple butters, we decided to go with anise seed, ginger, cardamom and clove that accentuate the pear's floral notes for a deliciously smooth pear butter. With several different varieties of figs available in the NorCal area, we were very happy to work with CMC Farms in the Fresno area by taking a few hundred pounds of perfectly ripe Adriatic figs off their hands. The gorgeous green figs have notes of honey, citrus and vanilla that are waiting to come through when cooked down. We happily obliged and went with a raw honey, clementine zest and a little vanilla to help it along. This sweet and tangy jam will shine whether as a cheese topper or a spoonful right out of the jar!! Enjoy!!


August 2018 Pairings

Blood Orange Jam & Feijoa Jam

For the month of August, we are doing things a little different and will be offering two of our craft fair favorites from the previous two months. Our blood orange jam has been a huge hit from the very first micro-batch we tested out. With a beautiful ruby red color and the tangy sweet taste of the fruit that truly shines through, we are happy to offer this flavor in a jam for those that don't always appreciate the peel in marmalade. Aside from getting asked what our personal favorite flavors are at craft fairs, the second most popular question is "what's a feijoa?" Feijoa is a wonderful South American tropical fruit that is sometimes called Pineapple Guava in the US. Because I didn't want to confuse my customers into thinking that it was a combination of pineapple and guava flavors, I chose to go with the proper name, Feijoa. Although difficult to pronouce and not the most visually appealing jam, we consistently have pleasantly surprised customers when they taste test and jars flying off the shelf. With a flavor profile that I can best describe as pear, kiwi and mint all wrapped up into one delicious package, we are certain that you'll fall in love with this little wonder as well. Enjoy!!


July 2018 Pairings

Wild Blueberry Jam & Lemon Jelly

For the month of July, we are all about celebrating our Golden State Warriors on the 4-game sweep of the Cleveland Cavaliers and their back-to-back championship title by offering two of our most popular flavors that we usually reserve for our craft fairs. Just as the Warriors colors are blue and yellow, we are going to represent with our blue and yellow; Wild Blueberry Jam and Lemon Jelly. Our Wild Blueberry Jam is made with with an extra dash of blueberries towards the end of the cooking cycle to give extra burst of flavor and whole fruit in every spoonful. Our Lemon Jelly is our most intense lemon flavor to date with added lemon zest made with Bay Area Eureka lemons. Chock full of the tartness and lemon flavor of our marmalade without the added bitterness that the peel usually imparts. Surely to be a newfound favorite for any lemon lover in your home. Enjoy!!


June 2018 Pairings

Pink Guava Jam & Rosemary Prosecco Clementine Jam

For the month of June, we are coming back to our best selling flavor to date, our Pink Guava Jam. Not only is this the last batch we will have until Sept/Oct since we cleared out our freezer inventory, but we are worried that we may end up selling out before the new guava season starts to hit. So, be sure to get yours quick!! Our other pairing is proving to give the pink guava a run for its money with the overwhelming popularity it has had at the craft fairs we have participated in. Our Rosemary Prosecco Clementine Jam came to be first as a cocktail recipe that sounded too good to not try as a jam. The jam has a wonderful balance of rosemary and prosecco flavor to enhance the clementine jam as the perfect topping to cheeses or a variety of other appetizers. Enjoy!!


May 2018 Pairings

Spiced Apple Date Jam & Blueberry Peach Jam

For the month of May, we decided to get a jump start on Summer as we anxiously await the start of stone fruit season which quickly leads to berry season where we find our happy place. For us, pies are synonymous with Summer, so we've decided to pair together two of our pie inspired jams that could also double as pie fillings if you were making individual muffin tin pies (hint, hint). Our Spiced Apple Date is one of our favorite recipes with scaled back sugars using the amazing flavor and sweetness of Medjool Dates. It has been called by many as "apple pie in a jar" and who am I to argue? Our Blueberry Peach has been a best seller since its debut last year with a "two-for-one-meal-deal" as a blueberry pie and a peach pie all wrapped up in one!! Enjoy!!


April 2018 Pairings

Mission Fig Rosemary Jam & Clementine Jam

For the month of April, we are pairing two great appetizer and cheese jams that will sure to be the hit of any dinner party! After fielding several requests at our local craft fairs for a chunky fig jam that wasn't too sweet but added the right balance to a nice cheese, we came up with our Mission Fig Rosemary Jam and it was an immediate hit. As we wind down on citrus season here in the SF Bay Area, we lucked out with some great tasting clementines that were looking for a good home. Not too sweet and just the right amount of tart, we were able to get the same great taste of these little cuties in a spread!! Enjoy!!


March 2018 Pairings

Blackberry Jam & Chinese Five Spice Plum Jam

For the month of March, we are pairing our best selling staple, Blackberry Jam, with a new flavor that we are very excited about, Chinese Five Spice Jam, just in time for the end of the Chinese New Year. Our seeded blackberry jam is a nice balance of tart and sweet with plenty of chunky blackberries perfect for spreading on pancakes, ice cream or a simple PB&J. Our Chinese Five Spice Jam gives a tangy black plum flavor with the five basic flavors: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami. Truly a sensorial buffet in every bite!! Enjoy!!


February 2018 Pairings

Pink Guava Jam & Raspberry Jalapeño Jam

For the month that brought us Valentine's Day, we are pleased to offer you two of our best sellers that represent the sweet and fiery sensations for which we celebrate the month of love! On the sweet note, our Pink Guava Jam is a staple that is a favorite for everyone that tries it even if they don't have a clue what a guava is!! With flavors that incite memories of Hawaii, a tropical drink and a walk along the beach with your loved one, this pink-colored jam is a winner in impressing your Valentine. On the fiery note, our Raspberry Jalapeño is a dark garnet red jam that delivers a great balance between the tangy, sweet flavor of the local raspberries followed up by a zing and kick of jalapeños left on your lips. Not too much heat as to make anyone shy away, but keep them coming back for more. Enjoy!!!


January 2018 Pairings

Spiced Pear Vanilla Jam & Strawberry Champagne Jam

What better way to ring in the New Year than with two excellent and contrasting pairings. As one of our top sellers, I can't make enough Spiced Pear Vanilla Jam to keep up with demand!! Like having fall in a jar, this rustic jam is packed with Barlett Pear chunks. And why not hang on to the New Year's celebration just a little longer with our Strawberry Champagne Jam. The extra dry champagne pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the last strawberry harvest of NorCal for at least a few months. Enjoy!!!